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Social Networking and Blogging Exploration into the world of blogging and social media has been truly interesting and fun on a good or fair day. Technology continues to change and I am changing with it voluntarily and not.  We are all so busy running our lives and careers that having the time to explore and learn what is hot and not is an absolute luxury. I decided that since I have temporarily acquired the luxury (unemployment) of time I would use this newly acquired time wisely. I wanted to get up to speed on the frontier of social and business communications. Hence this moment in time. I offer my profile up to you my new and hopefully long lived virtual acquaintances.

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The Lovely French Lady (cajun) we call Grandmere' 1920's

The “rules of engagement” state that one must have a catchy bloggers name to engage the audience. I thought and thought what type of name do I have to offer that is of interest and can be fun? Suddenly I gave birth to the name Crown Reine and I believe I came by it honestly. My Grandmother, Reine, of Canadian French inheritance left her name for me to carry. Yes, I do believe I came by it honestly. My education is in the Fine Arts with a Bachelors Degree from Southern Methodist University: Meadows School of the Fine Arts  University Park, Texas (a high faulting suburb of Dallas). My second degree: Associates in Arts and Sciences: I spent studying accounting, economics and statistics just so I could  say “I can do it” when folks roll their eyes and say “oh, she only studied art!”. I have spent a life time in the home furnishings business in design, sales and then management. I left my job in New Orleans to move back to Dallas to be close to my family. The job paid well but I rarely got to see my family. Most importantly I missed my only child. No more I said (to myself)” self, what is life if you cannot even see your own child ?” So off I went back to Big D after nearly 6 years living along the Gulf Coast (hurricane country).

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The White Beaches in Long Beach, Mississippi five years after Famous Hurricane Katrina



Now do not get me wrong I love the Gulf Coast and enjoyed living in Mobile, Alabama and Long Beach, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana (my childhood was spent in New Orleans). I lived in all these cities in less than 6 years and the inability to root started to wear on me a bit. However, I did love all the places I lived. I moved there only 6 months after  Hurricane Katrina and the destruction was mind boggling. Katrina was the largest natural disaster to happen in the United States destroying a 45 mile circumference along the Gulf Coast southern states.

Crown Reine Ghost Blogger, Social Networking, Hurricane Katrina, Banking

Crown Reine's photo of the only thing left of the bank (the vault) on the Bay Saint Louis Beach after Katrina



One problem I had was that not only did I not get to see family but the type of schedule I worked. Long unusual hours prohibited me from meeting people.  Enjoying all of the wonderful festivals and activities these cities were built on became a complete prohibition due to my work schedule. This is not the kind of life I wanted to continue to live. I gladly went back to the Big D.

Named after Poet Dylan Thomas

Crown Reine's son, Dylan, named after poet Dylan Thomas


My story is not long. It is just a basic story of a woman, a queen, in the job market who calls herself Crown Reine.


My new name birth, from the imagination of my mind combined  with reality, designed to meet the criteria of the “rules of engagement”. These so said rules were created for business blogging, ghost blogging and social networking.  It seems there are many different sets of “rules of engagement” set by many different social networking peeps and companies both in writing and verbally. The rules I follow or choose to break have partially come to me through a form of social networking osmosis for I have read so much I can not pin down the sources.


When choosing my new name I said, again to self, “self, all the really cool blogging names were already taken by the peeps like the “remarkablogger” and “problogger”.  Not to mention I am after all a girl, a queen, so to say. Crown Reine is my new name and I take to my throne well or so I think. I came by it honestly.

Once time allowed, once upon a time too say, I took to the black keys with white letters and searched the virtual black hole. Reading all I could stand and then some more. I sat endlessly eyes crossed from weariness, countless hours studying SEO, blogging, hubbing, social networking, affiliate marketing and so much more. I ventured out into the virtual universe seeking to tweet, face off and link up with worlds unknown. Pecking the keys until they sang stories (odd as some stories sometimes can be) expressing them from the bowels of my mind. I let my fingers form a roll; a blog roll they call it building a dialogue of various subjects of interest to some and some of interest to me and the likes of social network marketing groups like splash media. In my once upon a time, time, I created images to tell stories within my stories. All created with keys of black and white. I launched these images into worlds unknown. I can only hope that the black hole will burst open one day and others will find a tale to tell of their own as they study my images. Images cross bred from old and new creating a time and life and a story of their own. These image stories to be told one day by others as well as self with no dependence on the keys of black and white. The World Did Not End Today, Ghost Writer, Blogger, Problogger, Crown Reine, Journal Artist So without further a do, or a due, or a dew I wish you well. I am willing to admit I did indeed break the”rules of engagement”.  In regards to  business blogging the “rules of engagement” say no family photo’s or personal impressions or feelings should be introduced into your business blog. The rules say be yourself and show your personality by finding your voice and expressing it to capture the attention of your audience. The last rule I hope I accomplished. Tell me please if I did or did not. For my only measure of truth is you my new found friend and hopefully long term acquaintance in the world of social networking and Internet blogging. Please do not leave me lonely in my new play ground occupied by creative thinkers, movers, shakers and beings. Desert me not those responsible for propelling the “rules of engagement” into what is hot and what is not. Good news! Not only am I the new queen, Crown Reine, but today and for at least a time longer I am the boss of self. More great news! The boss gets to make the rules and most importantly the boss and the queen, Crown Reine, gets to break the “rules of engagement”.

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About Gillian Sellman

Blogging and Social Networking Art Educated-Management Experienced-Design Experienced In Home Furnishings-Art Lover-Blogger- aka Crown Reine Distributor of Auto Magic Car Detail Products for the Ultimate Car Lovers! I have had a long term career in the home furnishings industry and a love for the arts. My education is in the fine arts with a bachelors degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. My goal with this blog is to help people know a little more about a variety of subjects. I hope this blog will at least encourage the audience to know, ask or consider information on the varied topics. I would love to hear from you and please give me feed back or thumbs up me with whatever you want to say. Have fun with it.
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